Trav Stone

Nice of you to visit

I like to make useful things—especially on the web.

My skill-set is fairly broad and ranges from UX, to visual design, to coding for both front and back-end. I tend to be most interested doing really good work that empowers people to do things more easily, more quickly, more happily.

Lately I’ve been working on complex web applications. I’ve found it really fun and challenging to be involved in such data-intensive projects.

You can learn more about what I do in the Work section.

Beyond the pixel

Sometimes I make stuff that isn’t on the web. I really enjoy photography, as well as cooking, over-engineering common household fixtures, and building Legos.

I seem to have found time to do a wide variety of things in life so far. Sometimes I write about my thoughts.

For many years I was an audio engineer, and mixed thousands of bands at live performances all over the West Coast.

It’s also true that I once worked as a glass-caster, rolling out sheets of 2000℉ glass by hand. I had no facial (or arm) hair then. Sometimes making software is more stressful than that.

No matter what I’m doing, I’ve found I do it best when I don’t even notice time passing—when I’m completely in the moment.