Trav Stone

Skills & Software

Here's an incomplete list of skills I've developed over the years:

You might be asking yourself, "Why does someone with 10+ years experience rate themselves as junior-to-mid-level here?"

Well, it's because I'm aware of folks who have really delved deeply into the skills listed, and done some amazing work. It's been rare that I've been able to delve as deeply into some of these areas. I generally learn what I need to in order to satisfy a project need, and only sometimes do I have an opportunity to explore beyond that point. In many projects I've had to wear a number of hats, which also reduces the amount of focus I can apply to specific skills.


Here's a collection of things I've designed/built (or participated meaningfully in).

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Past Projects & Experience

Maker Media

Starting fall of 2018 through spring of 2019 I was a staff Web Developer at Maker Media. In this role I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty on a number of different sites and technologies, such as Make Magazine (Wordpress), Maker Faire (Wordpress), Maker Share (Headless Drupal and Angular), Maker Shed (Shopify), and (Wordpress)

One of my favorite aspects of this role is that I was able to do such a variety of work, from programming in PHP and JS, to doing UX design and collaboration with a bunch of really great folks, to helping promote accessibility, user-focused design, and sensible engineering practices.

Some highlights are:

Trilogi Software Solutions

From fall of 2012 through spring of 2018 I was a consultant for Trilogi Software Solutions working on various projects for Educational Testing Service (ETS), the world's largest testing and assessment organization.

Trilogi was an incredible learning experience, allowing me to work collaboratively with very talented designers and developers. In this environment I was able to continue my history of expanding—and improving—my design and coding skills. Starting from an intermediate level, I'm pleased to say that I grew to contribute at the architectural and library level.

Among these achievements are:

Peña Pachamama Center

The Peña is a SF North Beach institution—A non-profit performing arts center and refuge of high-quality organic vegan raw foods.

My work here has ranged from websites to CD covers to posters.

Having worked with these delightful folks for over 10 years, I've seen their web-presence go from a single table-based image-sliced site, to a couple of mobile-first highly usable websites.

Some highlights of these are:

Wild Planet Entertainment

Sadly not in business anymore, Wild Planet was a great experience for me. My official title was Webmaster (from August '09 thru October '11) which meant that I was involved in a number of areas, even extending into Product Design and Marketing.

My primary job was to ensure the day-to-day operation of all 15-20 of their customer-facing web properties. I also contributed to a number of internal efforts, creating sites and processes to help manage Customer Support and more.

Some of my favorite things here were:

POP Interactive

An SF design company, I worked here from 2007-09.

Mostly I was responsible for implementing customized template-based sites for one of their largest clients.

Some points of interest:


Basically, SHN is Broadway on the West Coast.

Officially a Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant (2004-06), my participation here included work in Print, Web, Video, and Audio.

Notable efforts:

Experiments & Goofing

I like to play around with ideas in programming and design, a few examples of which are below.

Be warned, some of these things don't work well on mobile devices, and are generally half-baked…

Even Older Stuff

Prior to 2004 (and even after occasionally), my work included a number of smaller websites and print designs.

Sadly, most of these are lost to history. Fortunately, I’ve saved some copies.

Here’s a nod to a few of those ancient works: