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Hello World

This is my official kick-off post for the new site, in which I confront my age-old nemesis: regular blogging.

Over the years I’ve made several attempts to start blogging, but never managed to get very far. Maybe because I am often more interested in doing stuff than talking (or writing) about it.

As my skills have improved and my work has become more and more complex, I’ve found myself wanting to write about interesting (to me) things I find while working on stuff. Wanting to document quirks or confusions I’ve had for future reference.

I’m not sure how long this attempt will last, but we’ll never know unless we try. So in the interest of getting the ball rolling here’s the first post.

Why I’m implementing this blog simply

I’ve configured blogs in a few common ways (Wordpress, Blogger, ExpressionEngine), and even built custom themes a time or two. One thing that’s always struck me is the amount of stuff you need to make it all work. I’ve spent a bit of time trying to think about this, and I recently decided to try this out in a very simple way:

Just use Markdown on static files.

Ridiculous, right? Sometimes I get downright wacky.

The bottom line is that I just want a quick, simple way to type a few more characters than a tweet every so often. I think this approach could be a contender for that role.

Speaking of Twitter, I wonder if I could set it up so that it automatically Tweets a link when I make a new post...

To Be Continued

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